Strength. Comfort.

Slip Resistant

Tired of your bands constantly slipping? We’ve got you covered! Our booty bands do not slip'n'slide during exercise.

Break Resistant

Bands keep on breaking? Our Purplee bands are made with durable materials - polyester and latex. Breaking and snapping will no longer be a concern!

Twist Resistant

Break a sweat while also staying in comfort. You will no longer need to adjust your bands constantly

Purplee Booty bands will surely help you with your journey to that Beach Bod you’ve always dreamed of. Our bands are custom made to cater to all types of fitness enthusiasts – from beginner to advanced. 

Each set of Purplee Resistance Bands is composed of three different colors – but make no mistake; these colors aren’t just for show. Each color offers a different resistance level – light, medium, and hard. Each of these Resistance Band sets are 8cm wide and can be used for strength training, core strength and endurance, flexibility, and can even help with injury rehabilitation. 

Our resistance bands are made from polyester and latex which makes them last a long time – keeps you from buying every time the bands break or snap – this fabric also makes the resistance bands slip-resistant, break-resistant, and twist-resistant. This prevents the bands from tugging your skin and hurting you during exercise.

The light band is for beginners or those who are at the start of their journey to improve muscles activation, flexibility and mobility. The heavier bands are for the more advanced or wanting to build on the strength they have already developed. The set of bands will serve you as you progress with your training and conditioning. 

You can also use the bands to modify existing exercises in your workout plan. Try out Purplee’s resistance bands now with our 6-week booty building workout plan and learn the benefits of working out at home with resistance bands.


Why Use Resistance Bands?

Why use (or buy) one? Resistance bands are exceptional in glute activation and core strengthening. 

Glute activation secures the muscles in your booty – it ‘fires up’ all these muscles. If glute activation is skipped during exercises, you often end up counterbalancing and use other muscles to do the work of your glutes. The muscles in your booty can significantly affect your overall body strength. As it is part of the core muscle group, it is responsible for keeping your upper body upright; therefore, a strong booty can help improve posture and flexibility – and with posture and flexibility improved, posture-related injuries also decrease. 

Improving mobility is fundamental in physical fitness as it helps create a strong foundation for the progressive and more difficult exercises.

And last, but definitely not the least, it helps create a toned looking peach.

8 Benefits of Resistance Bands

1. Tone & Strengthen

The resistance bands provide a given amount of force on your muscles as you pull it, creating tension in the muscle causing it to contract. Resistance bands provide similar and sometimes even greater amounts of muscular activity as weight training but put a lower amount of stress on the joints.

2. Constant Resistance

Resistance bands apply variable resistance throughout the full range of motion of an exercise. This means that as you pull the band you get more force thus your muscle receives greater force at the highest point of the movement. Resistance bands do not rely on gravity to produce force rather it depends on how much you pull the band.

3. Multi Directional Resistance

Resistance bands allow you to continue working out and perform exercises you can’t normally do with free weights. You can perform exercises in both vertical and horizontal planes. You also have great control over the angle of the exercises. 

4. Core and stabilisation

You must understand that all exercises are core exercises. What the resistance band offers is more stabilization is required due to the constant tension – this allows for more isometric contractions (i.e anti-rotation). You also would need correct form and movements to ensure the right muscles are under constant tension. This often leads to utilizing multiple muscles at the same time, giving rise to more effective workouts.  

5. Wide range of exercises

The bands can be adapted to a wide range of exercises to help with activating and strengthening of core and glute muscles. They can also be effectively used in conjunction with weight training for increased load, variable resistance, and the need for stability maintenance.

6. Great for injury recovery

As mentioned before, resistance bands offer similar and/ or greater force compared to free weights but put lesser force on the joints – this lessens the chances of injury. Resistance bands and tubes have been proven to improve strength, size, and function of muscles in the elderly as well as those undergoing rehabilitation. Bands can provide very light or heavy resistance which can be used in targeted ways for specific muscles that also protect joints.

7. Lightweight & Portable

You can take your favorite Purplee bands anywhere, from home to the gym, workplace, or at the park. These are small and light enough to be tucked away in your bag or suitcase. Perfect as a travel companion.

8. Affordable

Very cost effective for the benefits as well as the range of exercises that these bands can offer.

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